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November 23, 2012
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Part Two!! ^^ Jack's POV

  I took Adair into the forest and turned to face her.

  "Alright, show me what you can do," I said.

  "Yeah, yeah," she sighed. The crystal around her neck glowed softly, and snowflakes began

to fall. Then, ice spread across the ground below her feet, and she began to make the snow

fall heavier and heavier, until it was almost a blizzard. Suddenly, the snow stopped.

  "What do you think?" She asked, one eyebrow raised in question.

  "Not bad," I said. She smiled.

  And our friendship began.

----------------Three Months Later--------------------------

  Adair snatched the snowball out of the air before it could hit her. "Nice try, Jack!"

She called although she couldn't see him. She gasped when a pair of arms wrapped around

her waist from behind. Jack lifted her off the ground then set her down.

 He smirked. "Gotcha."

 "Shut up," Adair blushed. Over the three months after they'd met, Adair had grown a

crush on Jack. "Race you back?"

 "You're on!"

 The pair raced each other through the air back to the North Pole. North had given them

both rooms, along with the other Guardians. Normally, the Guardians wouldn't stay

together, but Pitch was back, and he could attack at any moment.

 Adair's foot touched the pane of the open window, and Jack soon followed.

 "How do always beat me?" He cried.

 "I'm just faster than you~" Adair teased.

 "There you are!"

 They both turned to see North walking over to them.

 "Just in time. Pitch is about to strike."

 "What!?" Adair screamed. Suddenly, she ran to her room.

 "That was strange..." Jack said, watching her go. Then, Adair came back, an ice bow in

her hand and a sheath of ice arrows on her back.

 "Let's go."

 To Be Continued
Here's Part Two!
Part One: [link]
I own nothing but my OC and the plotline.
This is so cute! Please write more!!
nessieotaku617 Nov 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Working on 3 now! Should be up soon~
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